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The "VIP Deluxe Package" ($67.00) is an upgrade that includes the "4 Mega Bonus Haircare, Hair Cuts and Hairstyling eCourses" to make this the ultimate hairdressing training course. See full details below.

The "Standard Package" ($37.00) includes the standard 2 DVD option without all the bonuses and the online bundle.


With our VIP deluxe upgrade package, you get access to the single most comprehensive hairdressing training DVD + online eCourse bundle ever. Nothing in the market comes close...

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Bonus #1 - "Complete Guide To Haircuts & Styles"
(A $49 Value)
free hand pencil draw software sketchHere's what you'll discover inside

  • How to get started with the "KISS" method ... and cut hair just after 45 minutes of finishing this book (this method is so simple that even a four year old could do it but at the same time, so effective that you'll wonder "Why haven't I read this before?")
  • The seven universal head-shapes and how to treat each one missing these simple facts will get you horrific results no matter how much skill you have.
  • CAUTION: Go to the bathroom and throw away anything containing this dangerous chemical ... this chemical is found in most common beauty products and can give you dangerous skin problems or even permanent neurological damage!
  • Curly hair?It may be one of the hardest types of hair to cut unless you know these practical secrets!
  • The sneaky way to make your hair shine all day without using any hair-care product or making any compromises
  • The secret of the "schoolgirl's beauty" revealed!Discover how you can have the same beautiful and healthy hair as a schoolgirl without paying huge sums of money or spending hours daily!
  • How to give the most desired men's haircuts including the one haircut used by the U.S. Navy Special Forces using only a clipper and a few precious instructions
  • The little known secrets of having a more lovelier and healthier hair even if you are living life in the fast lane (Once you discover these secrets, you'll never want to use shampoo again)

Bonus #2 - "33 Modern Hairstyles Syllabus"
(A $39 Value)

cartoon maker animation creator softwareDiscover 33 of the most easy, beautiful and practical haircuts ever invented without breaking the bank or spending more than 30 minutes for either one of them

Once you learn how to cut hair at home, modeling these famous styles, you'll be able to deliver grandiose results in less than half an hour.

This is much less than at a salon even if you don't count all the moments you're so-called stylist leaves and receives other customers or answers the phone.

You'll also save big money, more than $50 per session because these haircuts can be used for almost any formal event like a wedding, prom night, anniversary, romantic dinner or a night out with your friends.

Bonus #3 - "50 Natural Haircare Tips"
(A $29 Value)

Prevent acute health problems down the roadwhile having the most beautiful and healthy hair possible!

By learning the ancient Chinese secrets of beauty … you will slow down your biological clock … drink from your own fountain of youth and get 5, 10 or even 20 years off your age with the same ease of preparing dinner.

All of these things can be done using things like eggs, vinegar, oranges, ginger, honey and coconut oil.

Bonus #4 - "The Haircut Encyclopedia Course"
(A $19 Value)

free hand pencil draw software sketchYou will never guess what to do again after having this great bonus at your side! Take full advantage of this visual learning technique and learn to cut hair like a pro (a real pro, not those at salons) in no time flat.

If you are one of the 2 billion visual learners alive today, then you will get something out of a text-book but not enough to get you where you want.

But with the help of these photos, you will learn using all your available faculties (visual, kinesthetic, digital) for the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.

Finally, you'll have the confidence and newly acquired experience to cut hair like a pro even if you were a real danger with a pair of scissors in your hands before

The VIP Deluxe package retails for $197. Now, it is your chance to grab this upgrade at a fraction of its original price. When you upgrade, you'll get the 4 VIP eCourses instantly via online downloads while you wait for your 2 DVDs to arrive in the mail.

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